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FPU: Bond 50th Anniversary Bluray - STFUandPlay

Today we unbox the Bond 50th Anniversary Collection on Bluray. It is absolutely breathtaking. It’s one of the best quality box sets I’ve ever owned. It’s surpassed what I’ve seen in Aliens and LOTR boxed sets. MGM is a class act and I’m one happy Bond fan today. I will definitely pick up a second one to store in the archives.

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OOG4255d ago

James Bond F yea!!!!!! Nice that they left a slot for Skyfall..... ugh I want this

DarkBlood4254d ago

yeah i definitly got this alongside the avengers and re damnation

will be starting watching this one each day in october so bassically making it a james bond month in whats suppose to be a horror month lol

but i want to time it right i want to watch each one a day at a time leading up to the day i actually see skyfall


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