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Geekenstein Review: Last Resort "Captain"

I may still be incredibly late to the show on The Shield, but I absolutely loved Shawn Ryan’s short lived FX show Terriers. The premise of his new show, Last Resort, certainly piqued my interest. A nuclear sub refuses to fire on an innocent target and as a result is on the run from the United States government and establishes a sovereign nation on a small island. It’s certainly a mouthful and that barely scratches the surface of what’s going on within this show.

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Disney Reveals Why Moana Sequel Series Was Turned Into Theatrical Film

Moana 2 began life as a nearly-completed Disney+ TV series before Disney CEO Bob Iger turned it into a full-fledged theatrical sequel.


Risqué Business The Netherlands And Germany Review | Leisurebyte

Risqué Business The Netherlands And Germany Review: This Korean series adeptly delves into sexual culture, offering compelling insights through authentic narratives and experiences shared by interviewees.

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Can I Tell You a Secret Review: Stalking Docuseries is an Anxiety-Fuelled Nightmare | Leisurebyte

Can I Tell You a Secret Review: The series brings to the platform a thrilling story of stalking that will keep you on the edge of your seats throughout.

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