Geekenstein Review: Revolution "Chained Heat" said: "Revolution’s pilot was rough. It raced through plot and refused to slow down and let us connect with and care about the characters. As excited I was for the Abrams/Kripke creation, the pilot left me worried. If Revolution didn’t slow down and not just tell me plot, but actually give me a reason to care about the people fighting for their lives, I would have no reason to care what was happening. “Chained Heat” was Revolution’s chance to prove that I should keep watching."

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titanius7193410d ago

I completely understand what you mean and I think the detachment for me is more apparent with the second episode. I would have like to learn about Charlie and what makes and Danny tick, but before we could even do that the plot swept both of them away and now they just seem like winey teenagers to me. I know that is probably the characters they were going for, but who really want to see Charlie have a moral fit when Burkes is about to tear some ones head off? I asked a few people in my office at DISH and I got mixed reviews, so what do you guys think?

gaffyh3410d ago

This show needs to get a LOT better, a LOT faster. It's like it's trying to be Lost, but it just doesn't work. I personally hate the main character Charlie at the moment, who for some reason has grown up in this harsh world, yet is the most surprised at anything that happens in that world? I mean WTF? That makes absolutely no sense.

Also, the British woman needs to die because she is annoying, and Danny. And Burke's character needs to be much darker imo. I mean he is a violent guy, but his personality hardly reflects that. About the only thing this show has going for it is Monroe, and the fact that Giancarlo Espisito is in the show.