My Take Radio Blu-ray Review: The Avengers

My Take Radio's Rich reviews Marvel's blu-ray release of The Avengers. After seeing the Avengers in theaters on more than one occasion Rich was chomping at the bit to own this instant classic and after viewing at home twice the experience remains unchanged. The 7.1 DTS-HD quality soundtrack along with a clean 1080p transfer make this film a must own not only for comic fans but for movie buffs as well.

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alycakes3404d ago

I got my copy yesterday and will watch it today. It was my favorite of the summer followed by Dark Knight. I had to get is my only true vice and probably the only thing I do spend money on without hesitation.

RAGEWorks3404d ago

I am in the same situation. I have cut down on blu-ray purchases but this and Dark Knight Rises are on my must own list.

Soldierone3404d ago

I got the special edition with the graphic novel :D Now I'm just waiting for Spider-Man :D

RAGEWorks3404d ago

Where was that version being offered? Walmart or Target?

Soldierone3404d ago

Wal-mart, the only reason I bought it there

alycakes3404d ago

I only purchased the combo blu-ray/dvd w/digital but I'm going to wal-mart to check out that special edition you're talking about. I want to see if our store has that one with the graphic novel...if they do, I'm getting that one. I can always give this one to one of my kids.

Soldierone3404d ago

The nice thing is its an actual comic book this time. Normally Wal-mart skimps out and gives you some crappy knockoff comic book, buts its not one of those.

DarkBlood3404d ago

I got the collectible steelbook edition from futureshop, they sure have a giant cardboard stand full of the other edition packages

RAGEWorks3404d ago

steelbook edition must look awesome.

Soldierone3404d ago

Tell me about it. Was so confusing trying to just buy it lol. Wal-mart had blu-ray/dvd, dvd/blu-ray, 3d, ultimate pack, the graphic novel edition, and some other one....and they all had different prices since the guy setting it up was too lazy to put the sale sticker on ALL of them, and only did 3 lol

DarkBlood3404d ago (Edited 3404d ago )

it does for a simple design the title of the movie n all that has that 3d bump which is a first for me on steelbooks i have so far not counting the 3D lettering on cardboard sleeves of movies i have

and @soldierone, yeah i think there was a (digital copy/dvd) (blu-ray/digital copy) ( blu-ray/dvd) (blu-ray combo) (3D blu-ray combo)- which is what i have bassically in the steelbook edition including a voucher thing that does it all and gets me a digital version, soundtrack album, digital comic, and free movie poster *unsure how that one works* but yeah

pretty crazy variety of packages each with thier own set of cardboard sleve colours like red, gold, blue and all that lol

calis3404d ago

I got the 3DBR/BR and digital version.