Push-Start Review: Resident Evil: Damnation

Vicki Dolley writes: "The perfect lead up to Resident Evil 6, with stunning vision and top performances, but will ostracize non-Resident Evil fans entirely."

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calis3404d ago

Didn't know this existed. Will have to check it out.

I liked the Degeneration movie they released.

Soldierone3404d ago

I loved the last movie they released like this, so I'll be watching this one for sure.

DarkBlood3403d ago

yeah i just got this alongside avengers and james bond 50th blu-ray box set plus when i got back home i found a head delivered to me via mail lol *walking dead season 2 special edition*

aDDicteD3403d ago

This is a better animated movie than the first. it is more action packed and its better if you dont know the story yet because you'll be in for a surprise.