FTG-Nerd Review: Looper

FTG writes- Rian Johnson wrote and directed Looper, the sci-fi film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Bruce Willis. Is this movie ahead of the game or should we close the loop on it?

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KingPin3830d ago

from the trailer, this movie looks to be as good as inception. lets hope it lives up to that standard. i don't need another Prometheus flop experience.

Psychonaughty3830d ago

Prometheus was anything but a flop tbh, it wasn't excellent by any means but "a flop" is going too far.

ame223830d ago

It was a flop though.

KingPin3830d ago

any movie that has me sitting wondering wtf am i watching is a flop to me.

im not saying the special effects weren't good, or the story was bad, but something about that movie was massively not right. the execution wasn't as expected. from the trailer to the movie was like watching 2 different things.

i don't care how much money a movie made. my ticket contributed to those millions but i didn't enjoy it and i wasn't the only one. im not even saying everything must be on avatar/dark knight rises quality. i thought hunger games sucked massive balls as well and that not supposed to be a flop either.

FlunkinMonkey3830d ago

Sorry but Avatar is a horrible film. from its boring plot with re-hashed story to its poor creature design.

smikey11233830d ago

I believe the word you are looking for is disappointment. A flop wouldn't have sold well. You are comparing your personal feelings on the film using term to describe sales figures.

Dms20123830d ago

Almost $350 million world wide is not a flop. Not everything can be Avatar/Avengers. Looper looks great though, it will definitely get my $