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Top 10 Zombie Movies Ever

Best Horror Movies says:
"I have a tendency to get intimidated when someone asks for my “top 10, 20, 25” of anything. Not that I think I will offend them by not mentioning one of their favorites because, frankly I could care less, but because I can always think of more than the number that I have chosen to list. "

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Best-Horror-Movies3833d ago

I would have liked to see Zombieland added to the list somewhere.

alycakes3833d ago

Zombieland was the best! We just loved it and were hoping for a sequel but never got one.

OneAboveAll3833d ago

When I think zombies I think horror. Zombieland was a good film but it wasn't scary at all. It was a comedy.

Doesn't deserve to make the list imo.

Best-Horror-Movies3833d ago

I'd be interested in you feedback on what movies should have been listed.

aDDicteD3833d ago

Dawn of the dead remake should be on the list along with 28 days later because its a zombie movie not a virus movie..its the same thing. zombieland could also make it easily on the list instead of dead snow. evil dead movies probably included zombies but its not a zombie movie so that should not have count.

JL3833d ago

One can argue all day long whether the "creatures" in 28 Days/Weeks Later were technically zombies or not. However, the "zombie movie" has become an entire sub-genre of its own these days and this sub-genre has evolved.

28 Days Later is simply the newest evolution of the sub-genre, and you can't dismiss it as not being part of the "zombie movie" sub-genre just because it doesn't strictly adhere to the "traditional" genre that this writer wants to try to stick to.

If you were to dismiss 28 Days Later then you might as well dismiss Night of the Living Dead, because that movie was a reinvention of the zombie mythology itself on Romero's part and did not strictly adhere to the truly original zombie folklore.

But not, you can't dismiss Night of the Living Dead, because despite making some slight changes, the same general element was there.

Likewise, just because 28 Days Later doesn't adhere strictly to the traditional "zombie" rules, does not make it any less of a zombie movie because it still adheres to the basic principles. These principles being "brain dead" "cannibalism" "plague" "apocalypse" type themes. So, at its heart, it is very much a zombie movie, it's just the next step in the evolution of the zombie sub-genre.