First Official Image From 'The Wolverine'

From TMP:

Filming for the next Wolverine solo adventure has been underway for a little while now, and blurry set images have been assaulting the internet ever since. Now, however, 20th Century Fox is giving fans their first officialy look at The Wolverine.

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alycakes3833d ago

Actually, he looks a little thinner than he was in the others. I mean as far as he was built on his upper shoulders and chest and arms. He's still very well built but not as big if you look back at the X-Men pictures of him.

darklordzor3833d ago

I thought the exact same thing. He's still ripped, but seems much leaner. I was hoping he'd put on some serious bulk for this one.

alycakes3833d ago

I think he got thinner for Les Mis but he is still really in good shape.

braindamagefilms3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

Not to take away from his awesome body (lol awkward typing that as a guy) but I thought the same thing when seeing this. Looks really small, which might make a smartarse Wolverine a bit more believable?

calis3833d ago

Holy ripped abs Batman!

DarkBlood3833d ago

damn man, this is the motivation i need to not take a break in december in my current ongoing workout lol

even as a guy that is awsome ripped body

alycakes3833d ago

It truely is....I don't mind looking at him at all.