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Geekenstein Review: Looper

Rian Johnson’s Looper is explosive in how blasts beyond the structural confines of the science fiction genre. Johnson is that special type of director and storyteller who doesn’t allow himself to be creatively limited in an way, a character trait he showed with great aplomb with Brick and even more so with Looper. If nothing else, you’re going to respect the sheer amount of ambition this guy put into this elephant of a story. - Words by Joe Marino

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Lord_Sloth3834d ago

I enjoyed Brick. They're taking it off Netflix on the 1st though so if anybody hasn't seen it yet, hurry up. Really wanna see Looper.

krazykombatant3834d ago

So wait wait, if JGL kills bruce (himself in the future) won't he know that he is limiting his life? Thus, when he grows old and reaches that point there would be no need to run away, because he already killed himself..