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New Skyfall TV Spot From the Emmy Awards

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On Sunday night, The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences handed out The 64th Primetime Emmy Awards (see the winners and photos here) and Columbia Pictures took the chance to debut a new spot for the 23rd James Bond action adventure, Skyfall. You can check out the spot below!

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alycakes4176d ago

This is the next one that I'm really excited about. I have really gotten attached to Craig playing the Bond part. He's the best since Sean Connery as far as I'm concerned and, of course, that is just my opinion.

Kaizin5144175d ago

With 10 bubbles, your opinion might as well be law. I agree with you, I like Craig's Bond.

alycakes4174d ago

I just have that many because I'm a monitor. I'm glad you like Craig though. I've just always liked Bond movies but they haven't been this good in a long time.

Kaizin5144174d ago

Lol about the bubbles, but yea, I agree that the Bond films haven't been spectacular in years. But it suffers from the same thing that video games suffer from, making it very action-y. Action is great, yea, but most writers find it easier and lazier to write "insert big explosion here" than detailing more story with a little gunfight in-between. You could almost say that many people (not all) don't care as much about story but rather the action associated with it, which without it would be "boring."

In Bond's case, I think that could be the issue. Not that Craig's Bonds aren't good, but rather the writers misunderstood that people want action when that isn't exactly the case, especially with a Bond movie. Bond movies have action, but also compelling stories, which Quantum of Solace really seemed to lack in my opinion.

aDDicteD4173d ago

cant wait for the new bond movie, this looks promising and i hope it can stand up with casino royale. i agree that daniel craig is probably the best 007 or only 2nd to sean connery. i hope the movies they will attach to him would be great movie polts because even if the actor is greatly convincing as 007 everything else will depend on the story and the supporting actors attach to the film. if you remembered pierce brosnans first outing as 007 was also greatly praised by the audiences the same way craigs first outing was as well. i hope this new movie skyfall will do well in the box office and the critics to solidify daniel craig as the best 007 because sean connery as good as he is in portraying 007 has a good resume with goldfinger, thunderbolt and dr. no if ever daniel craig is to compete with him he should have at least 2 or 3 strong outings as 007.


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