10 Tear Jerker Movies I Can't Stop Watching

Arcee "...there are some movies out there that just bring me to tears no matter how many times I have seen them or prepare myself for those scenes which bring out that reaction. These movies are just so damn emotional to me that I can’t help but tear up every time they are on. These are the ones that tug at my heart like no other movies and even though the water works flow freely from my eyes during these films, I can never turn away when they are on. "

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alycakes2740d ago

If I know ahead of time that a movie is going to make me cry, I'm not going to see it at the theater...I'll wait and see it at home when it comes out on dvd.

If I don't know because I think it's a comedy and I love dogs (Marley & Me)and I have the most beautiful chocolate Lab in the world....I go see it. Well, it's a good thing my husband carries tissues for his allergies. Both of us needed them.

aDDicteD2740d ago

if you liked marley and me, i think youll love the movie hatchiko which is also a great dog movie story.

aDDicteD2739d ago

yes it was a sad movie, title is hachi: a dogs tale