Dredd 3D (2012) - Popzara Review

While Karl Urban is infinitely better actor than Stallone, this new Dredd is an unpleasant experience – a film dictated less by story and more by excessive depictions of violence and gore.

Full review by Chris Pandolfi.

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havikzero3834d ago

Since when is "excessive depictions of violence and gore" a thing in a rated R movie?

hazelamy3833d ago (Edited 3833d ago )

considering the character, i don't think the violence is out of place.
dredd is brutal, uncompromising, and frankly a bit of a bastard.

he doesn't run around spouting quips after he kills someone, and he certainly doesn't wait till they attempt to shoot him so it seems more like self defence instead of an execution.

and that's what he does, in his world, the law says there are crimes for which the penalty is death.
and one thing about Dredd is, he's totally dedicated to the law.

he would die to protect the innocent citizens of Mega City One, but on the other hand if they commited a sever enough crime, he'd have no hesitation in executing them.

also kudos to Urban for his policy on the helmet.
for me not taking off the helmet wasn't a deal breaker, of all the problems with Stallone's Dredd, taking off the helmet was one of the minor ones.
still, few actors would be willing to have half their face covered for the entire movie, and he's stated so long as he's playing Dredd he'll never take the helmet off.

ultimately, this was a great first Dredd movie, ignore the other one.
for anybody unfamiliar with the character, this was a pretty good introduction.