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Doctor Who Season 7 Episode 4 – The Power of Three Review | Nerd Array

Watching the trailer for this episode of Doctor Who filled me with some dread as all I saw was that there was a slight possibility that little boxes had randomly appeared and started controlling the minds of the people of earth somehow…. To me this trailer screamed “Filler”. And I thought to my self, surely not, as there had already been a filler episode and a half and we are only four episodes in! However watching the full episode somewhat changed my opinion.

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OSIRUSSS3834d ago

This has been the best season so far IMO.

Trenta273834d ago

To think it barely started, too!

MasterD9193834d ago

I really loved the David Tennant Dr. Who series but haven't seen the new it just as good?

Patrick3834d ago

No, In my opinion it is not as good. David Tennants Dr Who was epic, it had big stories that affected characters and had consequences for them. This one (while not terrible) seems less in so many ways, like going from a blockbuster movie to a made for tv movie. It changed to much and I miss Davids Dr Who.

MasterD9193834d ago

Thanks for replying. I couldn't agree more but I've only seen trailers for the new version of Dr. Who...haven't seen an episode yet.

It's hard for me to move on when BBC still plays the David Tennant Dr. Who episodes and I find myself so addicted to that series it's ridiculous. I wish they would have continued with him a bit longer, and/or made a movie...seems like too short of a run and it's a shame. But I will give the new Dr. Who a try and see how it turns out...although Tennant will always be the original Dr. Who in my eyes.

Trenta273834d ago

Tennant was amazing. Smith is unique, but not as wonderful as Tennant. Smith is lacking emotions which is why I just can't get into him as much.