Michael Bay, 'Transformers 4' Director, On The Struggles Of 'Pain & Gain'

Huffington Post:
It's a little strange to listen to Michael Bay complain about how difficult it was to get his next feature film, "Pain & Gain," financed and produced. Especially when you consider that Bay's last three films -- all installments in the "Transformers" franchise -- have earned more than $2.7 billion worldwide. Oh, and that the budget for "Pain and Gain" -- starring Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as two Miami bodybuilders who become involved in a kidnapping plot that's much too bizarre to sum up in a few words -- is only $25 million. Again, remember, this is Michael Bay we're talking about. No matter what you think of his movies, you can't deny that they make heaps of money.

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MinimeJer053408d ago

Interesting read, but sometimes I think Bay is full of shit. He seems like a nice guy with ideas and stuff, but then he sells his soul to the Transformers films over and over and over again.

kariyanine3407d ago

Did Spielberg sell his soul as well?

MinimeJer053407d ago

No, he still makes good films. Lucas on the other hand...

Leio3407d ago

Still make good film ?

It was ages ago since he last made one

MinimeJer053407d ago


The Adventures of Tintin...

iamnsuperman3406d ago

He also did war horse which totally missed the mark with the emotional impact (obviously comparing with the stage production)

wishingW3L3406d ago (Edited 3406d ago )

Michael Bay is all explosions, CGI and action, he clearly doesn't care about the narrative on any of the movies he has directed to this date. Pearl Harbor has been his only decent film and it wasn't that good either.

Nolan and Darren Aronofsky are some of the best directors of our time while Bay gets all the attention for all the wrong reasons. All the Transformer movies suck.

kariyanine3406d ago

Pearl Harbor? Really? I'd go with the Rock (and so would most critics and fans) and Armageddon before Pearl Harbor.

Nolan and Aronofsky get plenty of attention. Bay makes films for a certain subset of movie goers and there is nothing wrong with enjoying a film filled with explosions, CGI and action provided you understand what you are getting into.