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Thanos & Marvel: What Is Kevin Feige's Plan For The Mad Titan

With six Avengers, three S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and one hell of a super-villain standing front and center throughout the 143-minute runtime of "Marvel's The Avengers," it's somewhat remarkable that the character most people left theaters talking about was Thanos, the purple-skinned menace glimpsed ever-so-briefly in the middle of the film's credits. But Thanos' sudden rise to infamy didn't shock the folks at Marvel Studios one bit.

"There's a great track record now about lobbing something in at the last moment to get the audience buzzing," Marvel's Kevin Feige told MTV News about the secret villain tucked into the ending of "The Avengers," which hits Blu-ray and DVD on September 25. "Particularly when it came to Thanos, [we knew] that most people in that audience had no idea who that purple guy was — but they could clearly tell he was important, and knew if they asked the two or three people sitting next to them, somebody would know who he was."

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alycakes4261d ago

I'm having superhero long from now is the next one coming out?

darklordzor4260d ago

Ha! I wouldn't say I'm having withdrawals, but now that most of them coming out are actually really good, I do miss them.

I'm interested to see just how much they use Thanos. I mean he is a big bad guy in the comics, but there are several others they could use too.


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