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Judge Rejects Request for Restraining Order Against YouTube

A Los Angeles judge has denied a request to force YouTube to remove an anti-Islam film trailer that has been blamed for sparking violence in the Muslim world.

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karim3155d ago

Everyone should sue the producer for defamation, everyone who acted in this movie are getting death threats (ridiculous, I know.) and need protection 24/7.

kariyanine3154d ago

They made the choice to be a part of this film and while maybe they didn't quite know what they were getting into it was still their choice to take part in it.

karim3154d ago

They had absolutely no idea that the film was an anti-islam film and their voices have been re-dubbed, I doubt they would have been part of it if they know what the film really is about

kariyanine3154d ago

While dialog for the inflammatory religious bits may be dubbed over, it was dubbed over by the same actors used in the making of the film. These “victims” are just as responsible for the making of the film as the shady producer was.

thorstein3153d ago

It is called freedom of the press. Do you really want to kowtow to some cowards that don't know how to treat other people correctly and get rid of our freedom?

No thanks. A video depicting muslims as violent results in muslims being violent. How ironic.

NewMonday3153d ago

the violence is only happening in a hand full of already unstable countries.

and no the actors did not dub their own voices

calis3153d ago


We had some particularly violent protests in Sydney the other day.

kariyanine3153d ago

@newmonday according to what actress Lily Dionne says at the end of this article

some of them did at least.

NewMonday3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

we need to stop thinking superficially

their are 2 fanatical groups on opposite sides that DO want to escalate confrontations, they are the people behind the film and the ones inciting a violent response.

the film DID get ignored initially, but it got "pushed" around by radicals to the media and it snowballed after that.

the internet is FULL of things like this in a daily bases, but nothing happens because their are no "pushers"

her we have something that was manufactured by 2 fanatical groups to force what they think is a destined battle

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MEsoJD3153d ago

It seemed more of a parody... Anyway people who are rioting over stupid shit like this need to learn to Deal with things better.

AsimLeonheart3153d ago

Everone is not like you and just "deals" with everything insulting. Western people are just too different from eastern and have become too insensitive especially in case of religion. Some us know love and respect and cannot bear it if somebody desecrates that person including our family members, religion and prophet.

MEsoJD3153d ago

Violence is never a proper response to be being offended. That said, being indoctrinated as a child, I don't have much respect for religion, but I will never attack someone in person because of it. Rationality/reason/science need to be infisized everywhere so places can evolve.

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Crazay3153d ago

I can't say that I'm surprised or disappointed in the decision. Yes the movie is dumb, yes it's sucks that it has to be defended but it's hardly a reason to act out like a bunch of barbarians and start killing innocent people in the name of a farcical movie about a religion.

Jesus/Christianity is made fun of all the time and you don't see the streets burning.

SilentNegotiator3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

Some individuals made fun of Jesus?!?!?

I'm going to go get a mob and kill people of the same nationality as the fun makers that had nothing to do with the mocking!!


AsimLeonheart3153d ago

That is because western people dont give a damn about religion or Jesus. Do you people even follow what is written in the bible? I do agree that the violence is wrong but that is because many anti-social elements get into the protests to fulfil their own agendas. Protests are fully justified because we still know love and respect and can not bear if someone mocks our loved ones. We respect our loved ones and even speak their names with humility and respect. How can we bear that someone mocks them.

Crazay3152d ago

No - We don't ALL follow the bible because we have what is called "Freedom of Expression and Speech". There's also this little thing called "Free Will". We aren't mandated by clerics to follow an outdated way of life. Plain and Simple.

Regardless. The movie is satirical tongue in cheek, albeit a very poorly done satire, short film. Even if the views of the creator had ill intent, they do NOT necessarily reflect everyone.

faisaldante3153d ago

just kinda shows how much respect yous have for your religion and beliefs we love our religion so no one can mock it

Crazay3153d ago the name of religion it's OK to kill innocent people and riot in the streets? Interesting POV if you ask me.

mushroomwig3153d ago

The damage is done and people have died, removing the video wouldn't really do anything but I'm glad they've decided not to. Freedom of speech is one of the most important things in a civilized society.

Protesting is fine but it's very hypocritical to protest something that shows your religion in a negative way by going around rioting and killing people.

Eldyraen3153d ago

Personally I think it's more important as a civilized society to understand different people's religious and cultural beliefs and not go out of your way to alienate or infuriate someone in the name of 'art' and then fall back on 'it's okay, this piece of paper says its okay'. That might just be me though.

Freedom of Speech shouldn't be a "get out of jail free card" in some cases. We've got to draw the line somewhere at some point as just because we 'can' do something doesn't mean we should or that it is appropriate as a so called 'civilized land' ourselves.

But as you said going out and harming or killing over it isn't exactly my idea of civilized behavior either.

sjaakiejj3153d ago (Edited 3153d ago )

" not go out of your way to alienate or infuriate someone in the name of 'art'"

Have you seen the video? It isn't art. It's a parody.

How does the video alienate people? Similar videos can be found everywhere about Christianity, Jews and other religions. The only reason those videos don't get as much exposure as this one did is because other people just move on with their lives.

I'd say you're alienating a religion if you're making parodies about everything but that religion.

AsimLeonheart3153d ago

I am really glad that you understand how freedom of speech is being used to hurt other. Thank you for understanding the problem with the "civilized" society. The violence is definitely wrong but protests are justified. We respect our loved ones and want others to respect them as well. In our society no one dares say anything bad about someone else's elders or family because people love them and it will incite anger. Muslims love their prophet even more than their parents and family. That is why there is so much anger.

Abdou233153d ago

You need to understand that there is difference between freedom of speech and being offensive. I can say that judging by your avatar you are extremely ugly,But when i say you are liar,fraud,murderer..etc. now i'm being offensive.No one is free to offend any other person or group.That's needs limits.

Soldierone3153d ago

So a movie says a group is ruthless and violent, so the group tries to fight the film by acting ruthless and violent.....If there is no truth to it, then let it go, its just a film. How many films make fun of America that are not made in America? How many films make fun of religions? How many things are made with false facts and things? Yet we are not rioting and being dis-respectful about it.

Killing an American was an act of war and should be treated as such. You hate us? then we will leave.

karim3153d ago

I'm an arab, also a muslim and I'm pretty appalled by the stupid things people are doing because of this "film", personally, I've seen the trailer, laughed (hilariously bad) and moved on with my life. How can people KILL innocents because of an act of a stupid group? If you want to protest, protest peacefully for god's sake.

alycakes3152d ago

You are right on Soldierone!

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