Geekenstein Review: Dredd 3D

Words by Joe Marino. Who doesn’t think back with a nostalgic grin at our first time watching the greats of 80′s/90′s action flicks. “First Blood.” “Rocky.” “Predator.” “Con Air.” “Face/Off.” Unfortunately, one movie of that era we’d love to forget is arguably Sylvester Stallone’s worst cinematic offering, 1995′s “Judge Dredd.” The film effortlessly took a gritty comic strip and downgraded it into a cringe-worthy testosterone-wasting mess that isn’t even so bad that it’s good. I’m sure most people who heard about this reboot with Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy from 2009′s “Star Trek”) taking on the role of the world’s meanest Judge were very enthusiastic. Judge Dredd as a character always struck me as about as capable of getting a good movie adaptation as the Phantom. He’s just too deadpan – a Punisher knockoff with none of the classic psychosis.

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