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Five Characters Who Should Return for Arrested Development Season 4

Geek Binge: For the past six years, Arrested Development fans have been yearning for more adventures with Michael Bluth and his eccentric family. Held in high regards as one of the best TV comedies ever made, Arrested Development never really got its shot to earn the fame that it deserved during its original run. But like other beloved shows that were canceled way too soon, Arrested Development has only gotten more and more popular since its cancellation. And now, the show’s coming back for (at least) another 10 episodes on Netflix. Shooting is currently going on right now, and it seems everyday more cast members are signing on to reprise their roles on the show, from Ann to Lucille 2. Even though a bunch have agreed to return, there’s still a large number of famous and beloved Arrested Development side characters who have yet to sign on. Here’s the characters who we think should return for the show’s fourth season.

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