Resident Evil: Retribution Review | Examiner writes: In a strange way, the "Resident Evil" films have begun to actually mimic their video game brethren, but that isn't a good thing in this case. Just like the popular game franchise, the films have lost their way and don't know what they are supposed to be or where they are supposed to go anymore. Eschewing its horror roots, these now more action oriented films are seemingly stuck in a narrative loop that goes nowhere, they can't even come up with original ideas anymore and must re-use characters and plots from the previous entries.

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Ares84HU3842d ago

Seriously, don't watch this garbage!!! I couldn't wait for this to end.

aDDicteD3838d ago

entertaining but silly..this film is the ultimate guilty pleasure. you will enjoy the 3D but after you leave the movie theater you will feel like its a mistake. lol