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Official Trailer for The Collection

Best Horror Movies says "I think about 98.6 percent of horror fans are about to jump for joy: a trailer for the highly anticipated follow up to The Collector has finally hit the web. Arkin’s back to take on the masked villain, who, judging by the trailer, has a whole new arsenal of tricks up his sleeve."

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Best-Horror-Movies4270d ago

I'm really looking forward to this film. The trailer looks fantastic!

adorie4268d ago (Edited 4268d ago )

The Protagonist from the Collector is Banes right hand man in The Dark Knight Rises. It's nice to see him going UP.

I was a fan of the first movie, it reminded me of the first SAW. Back when the franchise was intelligent.
This sequel looks much better. I am excited to see it!

kariyanine4268d ago

The first film had some flaws but I mostly enjoyed it. There seems to be a solid mythos behind The Collector as a character so I am interested to see what they do here. I'm a little worried that the set-up seems a bit contrived but if done well I see something along the lines of say Saw II working here.

MinimeJer054268d ago

Loved the first one and cannot wait for this one, even thought the trailer looks great in the kills department, but horrible in every other department. It's missing that gritty indie style that the first one had.


New to Netflix - August 2013

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

August hasn’t been a great month for Netflix Streaming. Notable new releases are sparse and there are few catalog titles to get really excited about. With that said, even though there aren’t a lot of them there are some really good films to check out plus new seasons of some of TV’s best shows.

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Interview With "The Collection" Star Josh Stewart

Box Office Buz: The Collection is out now on DVD in the UK and this exceptionally entertaining horror brings a terrifying new icon of horror back to our screens. The Collector is out for more blood and some macabre additions to his collection.

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The Blu-ray Breakdown: March 26, 2013

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

Last week featured a decent amount of 2012′s biggest award contenders; this week there’s only one big award film, but it’s one of the bigger films and not just because of the hat involved. Other new releases include a Brad Pitt disappointment, a film featuring a two stars who both look like they've had too much plastic surgery, and a horror sequel that no one seemed to be asking for. The list of catalog titles being released is almost as long as my arm; a relatively unpopular Star Trek series, some prehistoric releases, a couple cult classic horror titles, a baseball favorite, a plethora of cheap Miramax films, and a dump truck full of even cheaper double features (some good, many bad).

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Sahil4081d ago

Lincoln was a one-time watch for me, but I definitely liked Killing them Softly, will pick it up sometime.

aDDicteD4080d ago

i missed out lincoln in theaters, might get this one soon.

StarWarsFan4076d ago

I really want to see Lincoln. I'm a little worried that the movie's highlight is Daniel Day-Lewis' performance and nothing much else though.