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Lucasfilm Gets Domain, Decades After First Star Wars Movie

Darth Vader was introduced in 1977 when the first of the Star Wars films was released. Now, more than 35 years later, Lucasfilm has secured the rights to the domain name. As of this week, according to Whois records, the domain name is registered to "Lucasfilm Ltd". For more than 10 years, the name was owned by the same individual named Ron Koskinen, before going into Whois privacy in early July 2012.

StarWarsFan4180d ago

I hope Ron Koskinen got some money out of it all.


Star Wars' Dave Filoni is now Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm

The man behind a lot or recent Star Wars content Dave Filoni, has now been named Chief Creative Officer at Lucasfilm.


Lucasfilm shutting down their animation studios?

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Jon Favreau started writing 'The Mandalorian' before he was even hired by Lucasfilm

Favreau got a headstart on the project.

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