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Nfamous - Resident Evil: Retribution Review

Dr Chris "I care about Alice’s journey and those of the lives that she touches. It’s a fun and entertaining journey that takes me away for two hours at a time. And when all is said and done, isn’t that why we go to the movies in the first place? Entertainment is the key to seeing these movies and even though I will nitpick them and scoff all over Paul W.S Anderson, I look forward to the next one just to see how he is going to end this film series which has been going on since 2002."

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alycakes3414d ago

I liked it. It was what it was suppose to be...entertaining. Alice is always up for a good fight. I just love her character. This movies presented so many different ones and didn't have as many zombies as the others usually do....that was interesting.

FlunkinMonkey3413d ago

Never seen a franchise get raped in every format i can think of.. film and game etc.. just can this rubbish and get back to its horror survival roots.

aDDicteD3409d ago

i know this movie will be unfaithful to its roots just like its predecessors but i still watched it just for fun.