Watch Marvel Studios’ Animatics Supervisor Federico D’Alessandro’s ‘Halloween’ Remake Pitch Reel

From Slashfilm:

Recently we’ve been interested in seeing the pitch reels which filmmakers are crafting to try to convince studio executives to give them a chance. Most of the time these pitch reels come in the form of a sizzle reel/movie trailer, but other times the filmmakers focus on a sequence to show how they would handle the tone of a project.

When pitching for the directing job on Platinum Dunes’ Halloween remake, Federico D’Alessandro used his skills as an artist and animatics supervisor to create a very polished animatic, alongside some keyframes.

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JL3844d ago

That was actually pretty damn good. I don't think they need to go remaking Halloween yet again, but I definitely like this guy's take on it there.

I've also seen his short horror film Recollection (y'all should check it out). This guy definitely has a knack for directing. He's got a good grasp on tone and suspense. I'd love to see him get some work and a chance to really prove himself.