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20th Century Fox Launches Digital HD with Prometheus...Today

From TMP:

20th Century Fox announced today the launch of their DIGITAL HD service which will bring streaming HD content from their catalogue through a wide variety of devices. The new service will bring more affordable prices (hopefully) and even early launches of films. Take Prometheus for example. It's availble to stream today, about three weeks ahead of its blu-ray release.

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kariyanine4234d ago

While this sounds great, I don't really need another streaming option.

darklordzor4234d ago

Agreed, but I do like the option of getting some things early (like Prometheus).

darklordzor4234d ago

Well, just found out, I don't have my son with me tonight, so I know what I'm doing now. Prometheus again.

Soldierone4234d ago

Annoying that every company needs its own streaming service or download service. Would be a lot nicer to just have on account, get a code, and have ALL your movies in that account.

DarkBlood4233d ago

true, still havent used my digital codes for my movies yet its all different companies and i dont really plan to invest in an ipod for it as i dont go out much

and im unsure if the vita "which i havent gotten around to getting" can even handle the format or not

Soldierone4233d ago

I'll try it when I get Spider-man or the Avengers and see if they work on the Vita.

I've done it twice and both times it was a giant pain in the ass. You had DRM blocks along every step, and it wouldn't transfer to ANYTHING. I had a Zune, phone, and PSP and only one movie would go to the PSP, thats it, and it had to do it in some particular way.

DarkBlood4233d ago

sounds like a massive pain in the ass but good luck im getting both of those movies in steelbook form lol complete with everything else that was in the regular 3d combo packages as well


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