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What We Want From Pirates of the Caribbean 5


The news that Pirates of the Caribbean 5 might be in development isn't exactly surprising. Though last year's On Stranger Tides didn't exactly bedazzle critics, it made a heaping helping of money for Disney. A fifth movie seems like a foregone conclusion.

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darklordzor3841d ago

I want something that isn't disappointing. I loved the first 3 films, but couldn't stand On Stranger Tides. I'd rather them just stop than eventually ruin the franchise.

kariyanine3841d ago

Couldn't disagree with you more. I loved the original but thought the next two were extremely weak with Tides being something of a return to form.

Personally I just want more swashbuckling fun without the bloated storylines.

iamnsuperman3840d ago

I thought the first was great the next two were poor and stranger tides was just meh.

alycakes3840d ago

I didn't care for Penelope Cruz in that last one. The story was just so so. I would like to see maybe Will Turner's son as a young pirate in the next one. I think that would make for some fun with Jack Sparrow.

Soldierone3840d ago

I liked that the last one kinda hinted at the original. The original is easily one of my top films, but the next two were kinda slow and hard to watch a second time.

I just want something more action packed, humorous, and still has a rich story like the original. Pretend like you need to launch the franchise again and try hard to do it.