The 51 Best Horror Movie Villains

Best Horror Movies says "It’s time to take a look at the onscreen villains who have disturbed our sleep for years. You know who I’m talking about: those characters that invade the mind’s corridors long after the credits roll; the ones who really deserve to be remembered and respected by fans."

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Best-Horror-Movies3412d ago

I would be interested to know what everyones favorite horror movie villains are!

kariyanine3412d ago

Certainly can't disagree with #1 or 2. I'd probably have ranked Leatherface and Jigsaw a bit higher but that's just me. I'd also probably include The Woman from the French film Inside, the Mutants from The Hills Have Eyes and the Piranha from Piranha 3D (although the flying ones from 2 are pretty good as well).

Best-Horror-Movies3412d ago

@kariyanine really great suggestions. I enjoyed both Piranha movies as well, and like the fly ones too.

Best-Horror-Movies3411d ago

Any others suggestion to add to the list?

pompombrum3410d ago (Edited 3410d ago )

The doctor from Dr Giggles.. I will never forget that laugh. Also the Dentist..the idea of that movie was pure genius and actually had me scared to go to the dentist for a year (I was about 11 when I watched it) but still that film was so ahead of it's time and would be perfect for a reboot/remake alongside all the other torture style horrors.

thebudgetgamer3410d ago

I always preferred Jame Gumb over Hannibal Lecter.

DaGR8JIBRALTAR3410d ago in the world can people forget about "The Tall Man" from the phantasm movies.I fell in love with the character as a child,even have him tatted om my left shoulder!

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