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Another Fox Shocker: Is Rupert Wyatt Exiting ‘Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes?’

From Deadline:

20th Century Fox, already undergoing seismic changes with Tom Rothman’s year end exit, might have a major director to replace on one of the studio’s most important film franchises. I’m hearing that Rupert Wyatt, who helmed the superb franchise reboot Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes, will leave the sequel. I’m told that Wyatt’s exit is similar to the same reason that Gary Ross stepped out of Hunger Games: Catching Fire. Wyatt didn’t feel comfortable making the May 23, 2014 release date that the studio announced in May.

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darklordzor4225d ago

Nooooooo! Please no! That really sucks. He did such a wonderful job on this film, and Apes was easily my favorite of 2011.

The only positive thing would be that the franchise is high profile again, meaning they could snag a top-tier director. Still, I liked Wyatt's take and hate to see him leave.

alycakes4225d ago

He did do a great job. I was just so impressed with that movie and how well it was made. The Ape himself made the whole movie work. Him leaving will make a difference.

darklordzor4224d ago

Well at least Andy Serkis is still going to be there.

alycakes4224d ago

He was so good...wasn't he?

darklordzor4224d ago

Easily. His performance is what really made the film what it was. Hell for a good chunk of the movie, it might as well have been a silent film...but it still worked!


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