First Poster From Ben Affleck's 'Argo,' & Poster For 'End Of Watch'

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Only a little earlier, we were talking about "Argo" looking like one of the major Best Picture players of the coming season -- and given the enormously positive reviews, we can't really see how it'll fail to come to pass. But you wouldn't know it too much from Warner Bros' new poster from the film (just revealed on their Twitter account), which neglects to play up any inspirational, awards-courting parts of the film in favor of... something from a more generic thriller. Ok, so there's a nice 70s quality to the one-sheet, we suppose, but it's not wildly memorable. Still, it could have been worse, and it's always good to see the dude from "Sound Of My Voice" on a poster for an Oscar contender.

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StarWarsFan3419d ago

Why did the trailer come out before the poster?