Should The New ‘RoboCop’ Look The Same as The Old ‘RoboCop’?

Film School Rejects:

Elite Squad director José Padilha‘s RoboCop just began principal photography, but for the past few weeks things have not been looking up for this mostly unwanted PG-13 remake. There was word over Padilha being pushed around behind-the-scenes, that the script is a disaster, and the fantastic prospect of Hugh Laurie terrorizing the futuristic cop was killed. So, after a string of disappointing news, this first-look at Joel Kinnaman rocking the new RoboCop gear isn’t helping matters.

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OneAboveAll3417d ago

No, but it should look more like an actual robot like the fist one instead of looking like a Batman ripoff.

adorie3416d ago

Sorry for the disagree, that was a mistake. I loved the original Robocop 1 and 2 as a kid, but this... no.

I'll check it out once it hits the 5 dollar cinema.

aDDicteD3408d ago

most likely yes,it should resemble the old model like 80%. i saw the new model that looks somehow like the dark knight suit but i cant judge it based on the initial suit alone because it might be more complex than that.