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My Ideas for Jurassic Park 4 at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an article on what they would do with the "Jurassic Park" franchise to shake things up a bit from the stale formula of dinos on the loose.

Soldierone4320d ago

i can't wait for another Jurassic Park. I love the old ones, and I just want to see what they do with the visuals. Yeah I think a more developed story will be cool, but mostly i want the "horror" of it to be there, I want to be scared of the Dino's.

Garethvk4320d ago

I worry that the premise is so limited as you basically have dinos, insert humans near them, let chaos ensue.

aDDicteD4320d ago

it would be great if they continue the basic premise of the original. show how they ship dinos from isla sorna to isla nublar and show another rival company probably smuggling dinos or dino embryo's like the one dennis nedry stole. im sure alot of people are still in for a 4th film and if done right it can spawn 2 more movies. i love dinosaurs and i wish they showcase dinos like endangered yet dangerous animals not theme park monsters.

Garethvk4319d ago

I agree. They need to shake things up a bit but not lose the core aspects of the books and series which is the morality of if it is right to bring the creatures back. There was a tagline for "Blade Runner" back in the 80s, man has made his match, now it is his problem. The same can be said in some ways here, our creation is now our problem.


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