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Boardwalk Empire Season 3 Premiere Recap: “Resolution”

It doesn’t feel like a year since we last visited Atlantic City, but then again, that could just be because Season Two’s shocking finale left some viewers — myself definitely included — in deep and almost unforgiving mourning. But now it’s 1923, and with that new year comes the chance at a fresh start for Nucky (Steve Buscemi), his cronies, and us. Boardwalk Empire is a complicated show, both emotionally and when it comes to keeping up to date on who is double-crossing who, why, and how, and Season Three doesn’t take a breath before throwing us right back into the series’ world. As the promos have teased us, “you can’t be half a gangster,” and Nucky seems to be taking the advice of another morally gray character, Mike Ehrmantraut from AMC’s Breaking Bad, who preaches “no half measures.”

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