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What if The Expendables Had an Entire Female Cast?

The muscles and bullets of the 80′s are invading theaters. This resurgence has resulted in success at the box office for Sylvester Stallone and the rest of his Expendables; but what if the cast was made up entirely of female action stars? Would audiences be just as excited as they were for their male counterparts? Rumor has it that a female version of The Expendables is in the works. Who would lead the cast? Who would be fan favorites from old school flick to modern blockbusters?

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HumanStark3417d ago

Cynthia Rothrock is the true queen of 80s action.

Bathyj3416d ago

But then Richard Norton would have to be in it too.

kariyanine3416d ago

That's a good list right there. I'd probably add in Lucy Liu and Jennifer Garner as well.

Batman52733416d ago

I was definitely considering adding them, Kill Bill, Charlies Angels, Daredevil, Electra, and Alias are all examples why they should be in the honorable mentions. But this was a really fun article to write and poster to photoshop.

bigfish3416d ago

the picture looks stupid

vitorizzo3416d ago

but this would involve giving mila jokavich more acting jobs and nobody wants that

Lord_Sloth3416d ago

I like very few on that list.

tarbis3416d ago

oohhh make it happen. XD

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The story is too old to be commented.