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Screen Rant’s Summer 2012 Movie Awards


Summertime is over, and 2012 was certainly a monumental one for movie fans, with two big cinematic events ruling the box office (The Avengers and Dark Knight Rises); a celebrated director returning to a genre he pioneered (Ridley Scott's Prometheus); reboots (Amazing Spider-Man, Dark Shadows) and remakes (Total Recall) offering fresh spins (or not so fresh spins) on familiar properties; and literary adaptations (Lawless) trying work the magic of the page on the silver screen.

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aDDicteD4233d ago

nice list, i agree on most of those but i think that the "best fight" would be batman vs bane because it's very well done with the iconic back-breaker delivered to the dark knight plus it's very rare to see batman gets a beating in the movie's.
another thing is the "rising star" instead of Jeremy Renner it should be Tom Hardy


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