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Alphas - Gods And Monsters Review | Player Affinity

Player Affinity Writes:

I was intrigued by, and was rather suspicious of Rosen’s “new approach” to Nina’s rehab which has been (for three episodes now) to basically throw her right back into the field, with himself as the watchdog. When the senator stopped in the middle of traffic, a part of me felt vindicated. I didn't care that the incident doesn't necessarily point to a rehab issue, but possibly to the broader side-effect of Nina's ability to "push" people.

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alycakes3837d ago

I like this show a lot and I'm not sure where they're taking it this year but I'm glad they are finally finding out who the traitor is in the group. This is a very interesting group of people and the stories never seem to disappoint so as long as they keep on making them this good I'll keep watching.