First Look at the New RoboCop

CommingSoon - has your first look at Joel Kinnaman ("The Killing") in the new RoboCop suit! Filming started today in Toronto and you can see the updated design below.

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PaPa-Slam3421d ago

I feel the need to be punched in the Jaw right now.

Hellsvacancy3420d ago

Im the same, it doesnt look to.....robotic does it? I was hoping for a more bulky looking Robo like the original, the couldnt even get the paint job right

Ill hold on till I hate on it too much, I at-least want to see a trailer

tachy0n3419d ago

CGI will fix that probably lol

Garethvk3420d ago

We posted art design in Aug, people flamed us, said it was just bad fan art etc. Some defended us. It was dead on, the only thing was that our art was more of a gun metal blue hue.

thorstein3419d ago

Don't care. Robocop was a great film. Why remake it? Sorry you can't come up with visual effects on the same level as the 1970's Star Wars. Don't whine to us about it.

Garethvk3419d ago

How can you disagree? Proof is on here we posted the look of the suit on Aug 02?

MetalArcade3420d ago

I guess I'm the only one who digs it. Obviously they're going for a much more modern take, since technology has come so far since the first film. I'm sure he'll be much faster, etc, than in the first film.

CPO3420d ago

Not the best, but not the worst it could be.
Having said that, ff the rest of the production is up (or rather 'down') to this standard it could signal bad news. Did they have to rip off Batman's and Iron Man's suits and mush them together??

Romudeth3420d ago

Why does he look like a soldier from Mass effect?

ravinash3419d ago (Edited 3419d ago )

I think thats the problem with this is that the costume looks too generic.
Rather than looking like a cyborg, it just looks like a man in a suit.
Maybe they will put on a few after effects to make it look that way...but I'm not holding my breath!

dennett3163419d ago

Generic....exactly. The original design was iconic, this thing just looks kind of thrown together and slightly lame. It just looks like some dude in body armour, whereas the original looked like a damn robot.

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The story is too old to be commented.