STFU and Play: Marvel’s Avengers Blu-Ray Review

Marvel’s Avengers is without a doubt a seminal movie for comic book geeks and for the film industry. If you’re a serious fan of super heroes, comic books or kick ass action movies then you have no excuse to not have this in your collection. Marvel’s Avengers really is the mightiest super hero movie of all time.

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deathman60013849d ago

Best. Comic book movie. EVER!

kariyanine3848d ago

I'll still take Nolan's Batman films over this but The Avengers is very close behind it.

OneAboveAll3848d ago

Greatest superhero film of all time. The only people who disagree are Nolanites who can't except defeat.

alycakes3848d ago

This blu-ray will be off the charts in sales...I know that I will get mine as soon as it comes out and will go home to watch it just to see the deleted scenes.

For me, it was the best movie of the year and I was just so overwhelmed by Joss Whedon's work on it. I can't wait for the next one.