Iron Man 3 Trailer Revealed in UK, Rumor Says it Could Release With Wreck-It Ralph in November Over the last few weeks there have been whispers saying an Iron Man 3 trailer was being worked on and coming out soon. This rumor turned out to be true as a select group of viewers saw the brand new trailer, for next May's film, at a screening for The Avengers in England.

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darklordzor2594d ago

Lucky bastards! I was hoping they'd have a teaser or something for the Labor Day re-release, but was sad they didn't. I guess waiting for Wreck-it Ralph isn't too long.

hazelamy2592d ago

they'll have to put it before something else in the uk, because disney in a retarded move decided not to release Wreck-It-Ralph this year in the uk.
we get it in february 2013. >_<

MinimeJer052592d ago

Isn't Iron Man 3 a little too dark for Disney audiences? I know Disney owns Marvel, but most animated kids movies get animated kids trailers in front of them.

StarWarsFan2592d ago (Edited 2592d ago )

Hard to believe we're already in the realm of possibility of an Iron Man 3 trailer. How time flies by.