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Horror at the Theaters Not Doing it for You. Dr Chris Prescribes

Arcee "Dr Chris realizes that the current offerings of horror movies in theaters in recent times has been prety lax at best. Some of the movies that were supposed to scare the pants off of us merely caused us to cringe or tweak and didn't deliver on the promised chills and thrills. So Dr Chris has come up with a suitable alternative for our readers who were expecting more from this month leading up to Halloween and have been let down. He has created a quick list of 5 films that are all on DVD and Blu-ray and worth chcking out if you don't like whats in theaters for horror right now."

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kariyanine3843d ago

And this list starts out with My Bloody Valentine 3D... so obviously this is a strong list from someone that knows a lot about scary films.

I'm pretty sure I don't want anything else that Dr. Chris prescribes.