'Godzilla' Gets an Official 2014 Release Date

From TMP:

We haven't heard much from the long gestating Godzilla reboot in quite some time. While a few lucky people were treated to some early footage during SDCC, there hasn't seemed to be much movement on the film. Now Legendary and Warner Bros. has confirmed the king of all monsters will return to theaters in 2014.

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darklordzor3424d ago

I cannot freaking wait. I love Godzilla! Also, having both this and Ninja Turtles releasing on the same date sounds like the perfect double feature to me.

Arcee3424d ago

Amen to that, brother. I am so there.

pompombrum3423d ago

A new Ninja Turtles? /facepalm

darklordzor3423d ago

You hadn't heard of that one yet?

b163o13423d ago

I've heard they changed the story to where the Ninja Turtles come from outer space? Please tell me that I've been misled..

pompombrum3423d ago

Nope and glad too.. hollywood has nearly ruined too many of my childhood memories with their craptastic remakes.

Soldierone3424d ago

With todays visuals, this is going to be insane!

darklordzor3424d ago

That's what I'm really hoping for. Of course a good story would be really nice to go along with it as well, but visually, it's going to rock.

DarkBlood3423d ago


alycakes3423d ago

I loved Godzilla as a kid...can't wait for this one.

darklordzor3423d ago

Yeah everybody seems to have fond memories of Godzilla. Let's hope they do him justice.


I sure hope they don't make a dinosaur with hot breath like the last one. If not, I'm all for it.

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