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Watch Trailer 'Mama' Produced By Guillermo Del Toro

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So, Jessica Chastain dyeing her dazzing red locks black? Yeah, we're gonna have to get used to that, but it's all part of the goth look she's put together for the Guillermo del Toro-produced horror "Mama." And the first trailer is here to send a tingle up your spine.

Directed by Andres Muschietti in what is an expansion of his 2008 short of the same name, the plot revolves around two little girls who ran away into the woods after their parents were mysteriously killed. Now under the care of the raven haired Chastain and some guy who isn't Jeffrey Dean Morgan because they couldn't afford him, something sinister may still be following them. CUE OMINOUS SHOT OF A LIGHT SWITCH!

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alycakes3845d ago

OMG! This is truely creepy! I don't know if I would see it in a dark theater by myself.

MinimeJer053845d ago

Could be good, but I'm guessing no, despite the stars involved.