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5 Things I Would Like to See In The Batman Reboot


Regardless of whether anyone wants it or not, we are going to get a Batman reboot. It may not happen until after the Justice League movie (if that even gets made) or it may come before, which wouldn’t surprise me at all, but it will happen because it’s WB’s cash cow right now. Personally, I don’t want to see Batman in anything but the Justice League movie until at least 2016 and maybe even longer than that, but that isn’t likely to be the case. We might as well prepare for it and start hoping for some things to happen with it.

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darklordzor4331d ago

Agreed, I don't want to see another Batman until Justice League and after. At least that will give us more time and distance between the Nolan films and a reboot.

Yi-Long4330d ago

... NOT a movie. NOT a 'reboot. NOT live-action.

Remember the quality of that stunning Arkham City trailer!? The CGI trailer with the cops on the rooftop in the rain!?

I want to see DC bring in some of their best writers, get the best CGI artists to get that same quality that that trailer showed, and produce a TV-show with 12 episodes of 50 minutes each, most of which will have stand-alone stories.

And it should be set in the time where Dick is already Nightwing, Jason is dead, and Tim is a very young 3rd Robin. Which I feel is the best era for Batman in his prime, and when it comes to the supporting cast (Think the 4th and 5th season of The Animated Batman series)

THAT would have the potential to be a timeless classic. That's certainly the only way I would love to see it being done.

Obviously, it will be intended for a mature audience. Just because it's CGI doesn't mean it has to be a 'cartoon' aimed solely at kids. It needs to be written smart and well, and aimed at a mature intelligent audience.

aDDicteD4331d ago

im not sure if DC can pull out a justice league at this point the way marvel did with the avengers. it would be ok with me if the reboot is nolan like style but at least blended with fantasy based aspects..probably like has a good straight up story and it is visually good as well. there are alot of interesting characters in the batman mythos such as calendarman, batgirl/oracle, hush, black mask. some old ones like riddler, poison ivy and penguin can be re interpreted. they could make 2-3 robins this time with dick grayson and jason todd and ending the trilogy with tim drake being the last robin. batman franchise at this point has a lot of potential and still hot thanks to the treatment of nolan.

darklordzor4331d ago

I still have hope for the Justice League movie. I think they've got the potential to do it right, but of course they could always mess it up. It really boils down to how good the script is and if they can get the right director for it.


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