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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Coming to Blu-Ray in October

From TMP:

Twentieth Century Fox has announced that Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter will be hitting blu-ray/DVD, blu-ray 3D, and just about everything else coming in October. They've also been kind enough to inform us of all the special features that will be coming along with the release.

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alycakes3852d ago

I actually liked this movie. It didn't do that great at the boxoffice but it was very entertaining and different in the fact that the subject matter was just way out there...I mean Abe Lincoln fighting vampires? I guess that's why it was just fun going to see it. It was a little slow getting started but once the action did get going it was very good.

Crazay3851d ago

I haven't seen it yet but it was pretty high on my list of movies to check out once it hits VOD/BluRay.

SnakeCQC3847d ago

the movie represents everything thats wrong with movies these days