Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim Will Be Released In 3D


Well, this was expected. With the ever-growing international market, Warner Bros. Pictures have decided to release the Guillermo del Toro-directed film Pacific Rim in 3D. This should play well in international markets where 3D is in high demand right now. It's a safe studio move, especially for a big budget epic like this one. Thanks to Borys Kit from The Hollywood Reporter for the info.

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darklordzor3850d ago

Bleh, I am really interested in this movie, but I could care less about 3D...especially post-conversion 3D. Definitely will be getting the 2D ticket for this one.

alycakes3849d ago

There are only certain films that I tolerate 3D anyway. I usually see all movies in 2D. Then there are those few special ones that I will see in both to compare.

hazelamy3846d ago

filmed in 2d = watch in 2d.

and apparently that's the way Del Toro wants it.