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Universal Soldier: The Day of Reckoning Poster and Synopsis With Release Date

With the trailer appearing on Apple today, Skewed and Reviewed have posted the poster and synopsis for the latest "Universal Soldier" movie as well as the release date.

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darklordzor3847d ago

So Van Damme's character is now a bad guy? That's...odd. I loved the first Universal Soldier film, and Universal Solider The Return still holds a place in my heart...but I haven't enjoyed any of the direct to DVD ones. Not thinking this one is going to change my mind either.

Garethvk3847d ago

It looks awful to me, and I am sure they may try some twist like it is an Evil clone of Luc, but still. THey should have done a true sequel to the original, but when Showtime did those two it derailed what they could do. So, they did Universal Soldier: The Return, which was fine, but went so off the rails with the last one. This was supposed to be a 3D theatrical release but it looks so bad.