What Bane Said...

All of Bane's 85 lines of muffled badassery from The Dark Knight Rises (CONTAINS MAJOR SPOILERS).

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darklordzor3841d ago

Honestly, I didn't have any issues understanding what he said. Sounded pretty darn clear to me.

MonsterandMonkey3841d ago

Neither did i, its just a strange (but awesome) voice that you have to get used to.
"Your punishment must be more severe" works well here with all the people that don't like his voice, yet they still watch the film... :)

Computersaysno3840d ago

I didn't hear a thing. The cinema I was in had the worst sound system ever.

I complained after and they admitted they have faulty equipment and are having it fixed but its broken for now.

They gave me free tickets for when they fix it.

Shame I didn't have a clue what Bane said :( so I need the host to pay his server bill asap

alycakes3841d ago

I understood every word he said. I don't know why anyone would say any different unless they had a problem with their hearing in the first place then I could understand.

darklordzor3840d ago

I will say that it was harder when that prologue came out a while ago, but they obviously fixed that.

ZombieKiller3840d ago

I understood every word he said but I did not like his voice. I thought he sounded like a mad scientist. Almost like Richtofen from nazi zombies.

darklordzor3840d ago

That's actually something I liked about it. Don't know exactly why, but I did.

HowarthsNJ3840d ago

He was doing a broad Sean Connery.

LtSkittles3840d ago

Same, also didn't have any with the other voice.

asmith23063840d ago

Only line I though was different was I thought he said "thrashing this plane" instead of "crashing this plane". Works either way.

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MonsterandMonkey3841d ago

Just to be clear. We aren't saying he was hard to understand, we loved his voice. The article was to show how awesome his lines were if you forgot them.

ChrisW3840d ago

You mean awesome lines like:

"I'm going to read this letter I pulled off of Commissioner Gordon, it has absolutely no consequence to the plot because it will not even come close to tarnishing Gordon's reputation... but I'm going to read it to you anyway because I am eeeeviiiil like that."

krazykombatant3840d ago

It had massive consequences to the plot, people had being jailed without bail due to the dent act. When it came to light that he was a binary lunatic/murderer it was impossible to legally keep those people behind bars.

Knushwood Butt3840d ago

@ krazy

You mean all those peeps that were going to be blown away by a big bomb anyway?

Yeah, the whole film didn't make a lick of sense, but I quite enjoyed it and found Bane extremely menacing, until the last bit...

aDDicteD3840d ago

really liked bane's voice in the film and his lines were really good. the best line that was so memorable to everyone was "We will destroy Gotham. And then, when it is done, and Gotham is ashes – then you have my permission to die."

DarkBlood3840d ago

i liked the voice but like @alycakes said was a bit hard for me to hear since i am only running on one cochlear implant and a hearingaid with of the side thats losing hearing day by day lol

badass voice from what i heard though there should be theatres with english captions on it, but seeing the audience i dont see anyone with problems like me so not going to happen i guess lol

3840d ago
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