The Batmobile Through the Ages

Boolean Flix writes "There’s one thing that you should know about the Batmobile: there are a LOT of them. Whether you followed the Detective comics, the classic 60s series with Adam West, Saturday morning’s The Animated Series, or the recent trilogy directed by Chris Nolan, there’s no doubt that you would have seen the Batmobile and thought that it was the best thing ever. You wouldn’t be wrong, either: of all vehicles, the Batmobile is one full of surprises."

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LtSkittles3845d ago

I'm not sure which Batmobile is my favorite. I grew up on vhses that had the 60's series on them( not that old), I was born after Tim Burton's two films so that version was awesome too. I think in Batman Forever it was nice with the tail fin, but Batman and Robin made it too excessive. Of course I also grew up in the 90's so I watched the animated series. I love the tumbler as well.

aDDicteD3844d ago

I liked the Batmobile in the Batman Forever too,, i guess that's the only thing that i liked in that movie though.

darklordzor3845d ago

I'd have to go with the first Tim Burton Batmobile. That was one of the first films I saw in theaters, and every time I think of the batmobile, that one is the image that pops into my head first.

aDDicteD3844d ago

all of those are good but the best and most iconic Batmobile for me would be Tim Burton's Batmobile.