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5 Reasons Why We All Love Resident Evil

Clickonline writes "Somehow, SOMEHOW, everyone (who‘s not a critic) loves the crap out of this Paul W.S. Anderson penned series. The numbers do not lie, folks. Excluding the incoming Retribution, the Resident Evil film franchise has cost only $183m to produce but has licked up a staggering $675m worldwide."

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alycakes3421d ago

I just love the character Alice. I always have. I didn't care as much for Afterlife but I'm hoping that this one will take care of that.

darklordzor3421d ago

Sadly, I lost interest after the second movie. I just couldn't bring myself to watch more of them. Whenever a new RE movie comes out, the trailers pique my interest, but for some reason I just never actually hit it up in theaters.

Soldierone3421d ago

I just like them for being "bad" I guess. The story doesn't exactly make sense, but its so "out there" that its a nice change from the "everything needs to be dark and 'realistic'" crap.

It's not that they are "bad" its that they don't follow the Hollywood rules and are simply just fun to watch. Stupid in many ways, but fun to watch.

The one true bad thing about them is how slow they are. The first 3 movies could have easily made 2 films instead, and the next few were slower than hell as well.