First Teaser Trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln Starring Daniel Day-Lewis

The first teaser trailer for director Steven Spielberg‘s Lincoln has been released. The teaser comes just days ahead of the first full trailer and live Google+ Q&A with Spielberg and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The teaser gives us our first look at Daniel Day-Lewis in motion, though we only see glimpses of him as the titular President. There’s also a shot of who appears to be David Oyelowo dressed in Union attire as he turns and walks away from Lincoln. A narration of the Gettysburg address plays over scenes of Civil War combat, but who is speaking remains unclear for the moment.

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Avalanche3847d ago

DDL is gonna be nominated 5times this performance is gonna be so good.

SnakeCQC3846d ago

i heard in another movie that lincoln was also a vampire hunter lmao

MinimeJer053846d ago

Can't wait to see the full thing.

StarWarsFan3846d ago

This is going to be epic.

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