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James Cameron Still Planning to Direct Battle Angel

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On the heels of yesterday's story that revealed that James Cameron's potential fourth Avatar film will be a prequel comes word, via Swedish site MovieZine, that the writer/director still plans to adapt Yukito Kishiro's sci-fi Manga series Battle Angel.

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alycakes4233d ago

I've heard these are pretty good...too bad they won't be done for so long.

darklordzor4233d ago

He says this about every six months or so it seems. But with 2 or 3 more Avatar movies on the way, there's no telling when we'll actually see it.

wishingW3L4233d ago

It was around 2002-2003 when he first said that he was going to make it and then Avatar appeared out of nowhere.

Leio4233d ago (Edited 4233d ago )

The only way this movie will see the light of day is after Avatar 2 flops and i have a very strong feeling it will

frelyler4233d ago

Cameron doesn't know what the word flop means, Terminator, Aliens, Terminator 2, True Lies, Titanic and like it or not Avatar all made ridiculous amounts of money. Personal opinions aside you are wrong my friend and history has a very good track record. Just curious? Why all the hate on one movie when the man has made some of the best action movies ever.

Leio4232d ago (Edited 4232d ago )

I dont know where you derived all the hate from ?

Yes he made some best action movies ever but not a signgle one of them is a Disney kiddy adventure.

Avatar was ok and the sequel might get better but I´d prefer a futuristic robot action from Cameron any day over the kiddy adventure Avatar, It was one of the reason i found his movies entertaining in the first place

edwest4232d ago

It seems Cameron is becoming the Obama of future film hype.
"We've got these great ideas that will be awesome"
So, when will we see them?
"Well, we're working on them, you'll see them soon. Honestly!"

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