In Memoriam: The 4 Gaming Shows That Were Worth Watching on G4

From PSS:

If you hadn’t heard, word has come down now (thanks to Variety) that G4 the station for geeks and gamers is being re-branded. In other words, the channel that used to be for gamers (but slowly hasn’t been) is no more. In light of its passing, we’re taking a look at the best shows G4 once aired specifically for gamers.

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darklordzor3853d ago

I really miss these good shows. I used to watch this channel all the time, but I can only watch so much Cheaters and Cops before getting bored now.

Lord_Sloth3852d ago

No Portal, Filter, or Cinematech. Fail.

Soldierone3852d ago

"top 10" lists are normally there to bring discussion to different things and show an opinion. If your favorite is missing, then its a different opinion, and thus you talk about it. So how is it a fail just because someone else opinion is different?

Lord_Sloth3852d ago

Because Portal, that's why. Drifter, Groover, Bloody Dove, Zherbo, Dirk Ruddy, and Tyco Packson all made for the most awesome show the channel ever had.

darklordzor3852d ago

Filter was okay, but on the whole, it's just another listing show. The content would look the same even on a website. The other shows brought something unique to the gamer community via TV, so I thought they were worth mentioning more.

I will say that I loved Cinematech. I watched it quite frequently, but again, anyone with the internet could see the videos they showed on there.